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My clients, peers, and opponents share a common trait – They trust me to deliver results.


The highest compliment an attorney can receive is the respect of his peers, and the gratitude of his clients. Nothing gives me more pride than knowing my clients trusted me to help them in their time of need – and I delivered results.

“Our daughter was hit by a semi-truck and suffered very serious injuries. The trucking company said they wanted to help but did nothing. We contacted Mr. Laizure. Mr. Laizure worked with us to understand our rights and helped us put the pieces back together. He showed that he really cared about us as people and that was important to us. He fought hard for us against one of the biggest trucking companies in the country. We were awarded a settlement that allows our daughter to receive the medical care she needs without the added financial burden. Mr. Laizure still stays in touch with us, even though our case was settled a few years ago.”
S. Laney—Auto/Trucking Accidents; Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

“My sister had to have surgery. After the surgery, she quit breathing but the nurses did not notice. She suffered serious brain damage as a result. We didn’t know what to do. We were referred to Mr. Laizure. Tony took our case and fought hard for us against the medical providers who were negligent. We were awarded a settlement that allows my sister to have a much better life, surrounded by family and loved ones.”
R. Jackson—Medical Malpractice; Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

“I was hit by a drunk driver in Stillwater. I was from out of state and didn’t know who to call. I was referred to Mr. Laizure. He found out that the drunk driver had been drinking in a bar that had served her too much alcohol. Tony fought hard to include the bar in the case. As a result, I got a settlement that included compensation from the bar for serving too much alcohol to the drunk driver.”
L. Hardin—Auto/Trucking Accidents

“While working at a construction site, I was injured when an 80 pound piece of metal that somebody had thrown out a window hit me in the head. I had to have several neck surgeries and couldn’t go back to work. Mr. Laizure said he would help me. We sued the company that was responsible and Tony was ready to fight for me. The company tried to deny responsibility but Tony fought hard for my rights and got me the settlement I thought I deserved.”
J. Wilson—Personal Injury; Brain & Spinal Cord Injury